Need a deep clean to get your new home ready for you? Moving out and need your old home ready for the new owners? Perhaps you are a landlord and are having a tenant change?  We do it all and will make sure your home or property is cleaned to perfection

Weekly? or Bi-Weekly Cleaning?

If you've decided you need to hire a cleaning company, you've probably mulled over how often you will need our services. The decision is up to each individual, as everyone's needs vary.

If you feel as though you'd like your house to be neat and tidy on a daily basis, weekly cleaning is for you. Alternately, if you can keep up with the house keeping between one week visits, you should be happy with bi-week cleaning.


Party & Event Cleaning

Everyone enjoys a great event, whether it is a party, product launch, film premier or sporting trial. Less enjoyable, however, is the cleaning up afterwards. Suddenly, the glitz and glamour has disappeared along with the final departing guests Krissy's Cleaning Services invites you to bask in the glory of a successful event without having to think about the clean up by allowing one of our expert teams to sort everything out for you. We will work with you to provide a reliable After Party & Event Cleaning Service that will quickly have things back to normal and neat and tidy once more.

You hold the event, we’ll clean up afterwards

Cleaning Services
  • Weekly / Bi Weekly

  • Move In / Move Out

  • Seasonal

  • ​One Time Clean

  • ​Party & Event Cleaning: 24hr Booking

  • Back Yard & Garage Cleaning

  • Post Renovation Cleaning

  • ​Organizing & De-Clutter

  • Window Cleaning

  • ​Laundry & Ironing

Please ask if you need a service that is not listed